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Risk Remediation for

Application Security Programs

Applications? Yep, still really vulnerable

Your enterprise attack surfaces are super vulnerable. Why? Most likely because of all those applications and websites the developers never stop releasing. Suddenly CWEs shoot sky-high and our applications are wide open. Problem is, developers don’t see a problem. They don’t speak risk. Let alone adopt security best practices into their SDLC just because we said so…until now.

Risk-based remediation for application security programs

Just add Vulcan, and your applications get a much needed dose of cyber hygiene. The Vulcan risk remediation platform connects to any application security tool in your stack — SAST, DAST, SCA, you name it — and keeps everyone running smooth, secure and on the same page. Now application security starts to feel less like an unachievable burden, and more like getting fix done.

Your application security program realized, minus the weak links

Vulcan integrates with your tools, prioritizes all the work and hands teams the exact remedies they need to get more fix done than ever.
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    Cyber asset management

    Stay on top of all of the moving parts of your application portfolio. Vulcan enriches and automatically unifies risk data, identifying security gaps for development and DevOps teams.

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    Risk-based prioritization

    Vulcan makes your AppSec program risk-oriented, so you can see the threats that might actually matter to your business application environments. We help you make informed, essential decisions using integrations with scanners, OWASP recommendations, and other threat intelligence sources.

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    Remediation orchestration

    Now InfoSec pros and developers can speak the same language and work as one. No more mix-ups or finger pointing. Cyber hygiene becomes the rule with the right people, processes and tools aligning to deliver secure code.

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    Remediation automation

    Make your application security programs scalable. Automate AppSec with dedicated remediation workflows and playbooks, so those pesky code weaknesses and application vulnerabilities can’t slip through the cracks and you keep all your applications secure.

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    Remediation performance tracking

    Measure remediation process efficacy over time. Optimize your existing security resources with Vulcan remediation intelligence capabilities.

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    Security intelligence dashboards powered by advanced analytics let you track the effectiveness of your software remediation initiatives and drive meaningful security outcomes. That means data-driven decisions for all your application risk remediation programs.

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What fix feels like.

"With Vulcan, we've been able to consolidate all of our data in one place and focus on only the vulnerabilities that matter to us, so our developers can fix things fast, and focus on adding value to our customers."
Matt Shelton
 | Director of Technology Risk and Threat Intelligence

Risk remediation for all

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Case Study
The Vulcan platform works on top of Snowflake to leverage its proprietary risk model and provide risk-based prioritization to all vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
Applications are driving the rapidly transforming digital economy. However, a combination of increased release cycles and application development speed, and an ever-more sophisticated threat landscape riddled with un-remediated, known vulnerabilities is increasing the size of the enterprise attack surface.
Solution Brief
How the Vulcan platform helps appsec professionals to improve their application security programs.

Start getting fix done.