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Risk Remediation for

Vulnerability Management Programs

Vulnerability management is broken

Let’s face it, vulnerability management is an unmanageable mess. Too many potential threats, too few clear-cut fixes. No way to ensure fix gets done, and no way the IT operations teams will get to fix any time this century. So the days go by, your attack surface grows, you feel so exposed, you see hackers in your sleep… enough’s enough. We’re here to fix this.

Risk-based remediation for vulnerability management programs

Finally, fixing that works. Just add Vulcan and connect it to every part of your remediation process — making everything smarter, faster, measurable and infinitely more automated. Vulcan facilitates an efficient remediation channel that lets you drive meaningful outcomes and mitigate business risk. Work with your DevOps and IT teams and together get fix done.

Your vulnerability management program realized, minus the weak links

Vulcan integrates with your tools, prioritizes all the work and delivers teams the exact remedies they need to get more fix done.
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    Cyber asset management

    Better visibility means better better decision making. Vulcan is your single source of scan-to-fix truth, giving you full control over your cyber surfaces. 

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    Risk-based prioritization

    Vulcan integrates fully with your existing vulnerability scanners, asset repositories, and threat intelligence feeds. The platform ingests and enriches your data to provide contextual risk-based prioritization.

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    Remediation orchestration

    Vulcan makes remediation processes hyper-focused and efficient across all teams. The right people, working on the right vulnerabilities, using the right tools, at the right time.

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    Remediation automation

    Remediation playbooks help you orchestrate and automate the entire fixing process. Remediation. Mitigation actions. Routing. Verification. Reporting. Vulcan makes it easier than ever to scale.

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    Remediation performance tracking

    Vulcan makes it possible to track the remediation lifecycle. This wasn’t possible before now. Now you and your CISO get clear visibility into the status and outcomes of fixing initiatives.

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    Vulcan provides business risk dashboards powered by advanced analytics. Finally, data-driven decisions for all of your risk remediation programs.

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What fix feels like.

"Wipro’s partnership with Vulcan Cyber helps security professionals to take full control of evolving threats, stay ahead of breaches, discover active threats against global IT assets, and improve their security posture by automating the prioritization and remediation of vulnerabilities."
Bala Venkat
 | Cyber Security Ventures Global Head

Risk remediation for all

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