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Cyber risk management for

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Your cloud security is slipping away

Your cloud environment is getting more, not less, complex. More apps. More users. More data. More configurations. You’ve never been so vulnerable, but your cloud security and dev teams can’t keep up. Even if you get everyone on the same page, their tools alone can’t deliver risk-mitigation outcomes. And don’t get us started on that multi-cloud environment…

Cyber risk management for cloud security programs

Vulcan streamlines your cloud security programs putting you back in control. Give your CloudOps and DevOps teams everything they need to own their risk. Integrations with Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, containerized environments and more mean you can see your risk all in one place. So you don’t just keep up, you actually get ahead.

Your cloud security program realized, minus the weak links

Vulcan integrates with your tools, prioritizes all the work and hands teams the exact solutions they need to own more risk than ever.
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    Cyber asset management

    Better visibility. Better decision-making. Vulcan is your centralized risk management tool for achieving control over all your cloud assets including containers and any cloud service.

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    Risk-based prioritization

    Fully integrated with your multi-cloud security ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your CSPMs, CWPs, or other cloud-native tools, Vulcan ingests and enriches your data to provide contextual risk-based prioritization.

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    Regain control. Vulcan helps your cloud security teams collaborate to mitigate the cloud vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that pose the biggest risk to your business. CloudOps, DevOps or ITOps, Vulcan makes sure the right teams handle the right vulnerabilities, at the right time, using the right tools.

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    Become a risk-owner. DevOps and Dev teams can mitigate quickly and efficiently at scale with Vulcan playbooks that automate the risk management process as much as they need.

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    Performance tracking

    Full tracking for your cloud security programs. See what’s been done, and what still needs attention.

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    Finally, data-driven decisions for all your cloud risk mitigation programs. Vulcan gives you BI dashboards powered by advanced analytics for scan-to-fix visibility.

Want to see what Vulcan has to offer?

Cyber risk owner.

With inputs from Aqua Security, Vulcan Cyber helps enterprise cloud security teams to manage and remediate cloud configurations in container and Kubernetes deployments, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and more, all within a single platform.

Aqua Security & Vulcan Cyber

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