How Wealthsimple built a mature vulnerability risk management program

Presented by: Noy Sinai, Vulcan Cyber VP of Operations | Samira Jamnejad, Wealthsimple Global Security Assurance Manager

Attend this session to learn how Wealthsimple uses Vulcan Cyber to prioritize vulnerability risk with asset context, and to orchestrate thousands of risk mitigation tasks across hundreds of software engineers. In this session, Samira from Wealthsimple, shares insights into overcoming challenges in the identification, prioritization and remediation of vulnerabilities, and emphasizes the importance of effective communication, bidirectional collaboration, and automation in streamlining the vulnerability management process

Attend this session to:

  • Explore how identifying and addressing gaps in the remediation process, such as difficulties in ticket comprehension, risk acceptance, and the need for effective communication, can support streamlined management.
  • Learn how Wealthsimple utilized the integration of tools like Vulcan Cyber and Jira to create a unified view of vulnerabilities and remediation processes.
  • Discover how Wealthsimple strengthens the collaborative partnership between security and engineering teams on a large scale.

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