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The SMBleed Vulnerability and How to Fix It with KB4560960

SMBleed (CVE-2020-1206), its relation to SMBGhost and how to fix them The SMBleed vulnerability (CVE-2020-1206) allows an attacker to read uninitialized kernel memory. It happens in the same function as SMBGhost (CVE-2020-0796), a bug in the compression mechanism of SMBv3.1.1, as explained in a previous blog.

What is the SMBGhost Vulnerability (CVE-2020-0796)?

In March 2020, Microsoft released an official advisory about a critical vulnerability called SMBGhost or CVE-2020-0796. With a CVSS:3.0 score of 10.0, SMBGhost is considered a critical vulnerability and is “wormable” with the potential to replicate and spread over networks. Let’s dive into the SMBGhost vulnerability, its impact, and how you can mitigate it to… Continue reading What is the SMBGhost Vulnerability (CVE-2020-0796)?