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Cyber security conferences – 5 of the best virtual events this summer

Orani Amroussi
 | Jun 15, 2022
 | Content Marketing Manager

Cyber risk doesn’t have a calendar. Threats rise and attack surfaces grow, with no regard for the season. It might be getting sunnier outside, but that only leaves more shadows for attackers to lurk in. Today though, IT professionals can stay up to date with emerging trends while also working around their summer plans. Here are some of the best virtual cyber security conferences to attend from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you might be: 

The Future of Cyber Security

JULY 13-14, 2022

While some of the sessions here are focused on UK issues, there’s no doubt that there’ll be plenty of cyber risk knowledge to keep you interested, particularly with what looks to be an impressive virtual platform. 

The CyberRisk Summit

July 27 2022 – 11AM-1PM EST

If you’ve been visiting us for a while, you’ll notice that we’ve changed the name of our semi-annual Risk Remediation Summit to the CyberRisk Summit. That’s because we’ve listened to our community and rebranded our event to reflect the evolving need for comprehensive cyber risk management across all stages of the lifecycle. This year’s event features speakers from our recently-launched Voyager18 team, expert sessions from around the industry, and a roundtable discussion on the need for cyber research. Register now

SANS Security Awareness Summit 2022

AUGUST 1-AUGUST 13, 2022

Let’s face it. All the security tools and insights in the world can’t do anything if that expertise isn’t communicated company-wide. This year, SANS is hosting the Security Awareness Summit to empower IT security professionals to articulate cyber risk and get everybody within an organization moving in the same direction of risk mitigation.

CS Summit: Threat Intelligence 2022

AUGUST 30 – 31, 2022

The Cyber Security Hub is hosting an event dedicated specifically to threat intelligence. With focus on automation and machine learning, expert insights coming from the European Defence Agency, and attendees from some of the world’s leading companies, there’s no shortage of reasons to tune in

CISO Forum 2022

SEPTEMBER 13-14, 2022

OK, so it’s not officially the summer, but we’re including this one anyway. Featuring speakers from the likes of Mastercard, Cisco and Microsoft, the CISO Forum brings industry heavyweights together to discuss the current state of play in cyber security. Topics include winning over the board on cyber security issues, securing cloud environments, and leveraging DevOps for better application security. 

Whichever of these cyber security conferences you attend, you’re guaranteed to enter the fall season better-equipped to protect your data. And, you can go beyond the events and join our community Slack channel – so that you’re always up to date with the latest on cyber risk.

About the Author

Orani Amroussi

Orani has years of experience in marketing and content creation. He works to help security professionals learn about best practices for defending their enterprises in a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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