Get fix done in 2021 with Vulcan and Qualys

Let's get fix done in 2021 and make this year the year of the remediated vulnerability. Check out the latest Vulcan Cyber release with an all new UI and new and improved integrations between Vulcan and Qualys, HackerOne and ServiceNow.

Rhett | January 13, 2021

Another month, and another bunch of Vulcan Cyber features are now available to help you orchestrate vulnerability remediation. The Vulcan Cyber December 2020 release includes a much improved integration between Vulcan and Qualys, in addition to new and improved connectors for HackerOne and ServiceNow. Together we can make this the year of the remediated vulnerability. Let’s get fix done in 2021.

The December 2020 release of Vulcan Cyber was a great way to wrap up a challenging but amazing year. Make sure to read the post from Yaniv titled, “Turn on the light and get fix done in 2021” for more details about all the things that went right for Vulcan Cyber last year.

Here are the highlights from the Vulcan Cyber December 2020 release:

A new look for Vulcan
The Vulcan UI needed a facelift, so we gave it one. The Vulcan platform now matches the new Vulcan brand and is easier than ever on the eyes. But don’t worry about being able to find your favorite functions. We left almost everything where you expect it so you can continue to efficiently get fix done.

Make sure to check out the new-look Vulcan vulnerability remediation orchestration platform today. And if you don’t have access, we suggest you request an instance of Vulcan Free here.

More remediation with Vulcan and Qualys
This Vulcan release includes many updates to the Qualys Connector. We’ve added the ability to use the Qualys Temporal score to measure time-dependent qualities of a vulnerability and to allow mitigating factors to reduce the overall vulnerability CVSS scores.

Also, now you can use Vulcan and Qualys to filter out old, mitigated Linux kernel vulnerabilities detected in a Qualys scan. Use the Vulcan help docs to learn how to use the Qualys Connector.

New Vulcan Connectors
Other new additions to the latest release of Vulcan include:

  • New HackerOne Connector – Vulcan now integrates with the HackerOne API allowing you to manage, track and orchestrate HackerOne security incidents with Vulcan.
  • ServiceNow Connector update – You can now configure the due date on ServiceNow tickets to automatically match Vulcan remediation service level agreements using Vulcan playbooks or actions. This is in addition to many ServiceNow Connector updates we delivered in the Vulcan Cyber November 2020 release.

We’re looking forward to 2021 being the year of the remediated vulnerability. Let’s get fix done.

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