Launching the CyberRisk Summit - sessions to look out for

The latest cyber security conference from Vulcan Cyber brings together the best people and knowledge to help teams mitigate cyber risk. Here's what to look out for.

Orani Amroussi | July 12, 2022

In the past, Vulcan Cyber has self-hosted the virtual Remediation Summit every six months. This virtual cyber security conference brought together IT security professionals from around the world to share best practices, tools, and technologies, with the ultimate aim of driving improvements in cyber hygiene across their organizations. 

A new kind of cyber security conference

While these past events were resounding successes and generated real, actionable insights for our community, we’ve decided to shift gears and are launching, for the first time, the CyberRisk Summit. Retaining our high standards of content, we’re hosting this new event as it better represents our overarching mission of helping organizations mitigate and reduce cyber risk. 

You can sign up for the CyberRisk summit here, completely for free. 

To get you in the mood, here are the key sessions to look out for: 

Security research panel keynote

Featuring an all-female panel of expert security researchers from Vulcan Cyber, Lightspin and Pentera, this session covers the ins and outs of research in a year of Log4shell fallout, global upheaval, and a sharp increase in vulnerabilities. 

Tune in to discover the day-to-day world of a security researcher, the changes they’ve had to make in 2022, and the future trends they expect to be big in the coming months. 

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Vulcan Cyber keynote

We’ve learned a lot from the 2021 summit on how to face industry-level challenges. Watch our CEO Yaniv Bar-Dayan address the big questions facing the cyber security industry: what we’re doing right, what we aren’t, and what the future holds. Standing at the intersection between established best practices and expertise, and a clear vision for what simply needs to better (and how), this session is not to be missed. 

Industry panel

In our last cyber security conference – December’s Remediation Summit – Best Buy’s Matt Hurewitz shared how he got the board and development team on the same page as security through clear communication, managed expectations, and a deep understanding of the organization’s application security environment. While we can’t reveal the speakers for this session just yet, we can say that this session will offer plenty of insight into how organizations approach cyber risk management. 

Vulnerability management without the burden (and at scale)

Cyber risk never ends – and so should your management efforts. When it comes to vulnerability management programs, scale is vital to ensuring continuous and improved security posture. Attend this session to learn more about how you can reduce the vulnerability management task fatigue through deduplication, automation, and other features like vulnerability clusters.

Orchestrating application vulnerability management

Continuing the theme of application security, join us to learn how the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform powers application vulnerability management – including posture management and application security orchestration and correlation. Led by chief strategy officer Tal Morgenstern, this is one of three in-depth product sessions, giving registrants the chance to see the Vulcan Cyber platform up close.

You can see the full agenda, and register for the CyberRisk summit here. Don’t miss out!

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