Vulcan Cyber named a Leader in Vulnerability Risk Management

Vulcan Cyber earned the highest possible scores across nine criteria for its cyber risk management platform. Read all about it here.

Gal Gonen | September 21, 2023

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 21, 2023  — Vulcan Cyber, developers of the cyber risk management platform for all attack surfaces, today announced it has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q3 2023. The Forrester Research report states, “Vulcan Cyber’s innovative culture sets it apart from now-common VRM approaches.”  

Vulcan Cyber received the highest possible scores in nine of the Forrester Wave Vulnerability Risk Management “current offering” and “strategy” criteria including:  

  • Time to value 
  • Vision 
  • Innovation 
  • Prioritization insights and customizations 
  • Business contextualization 
  • Out-of-the-box reporting 

Download the full evaluation to see how Vulcan Cyber scored on all 28 of the Forrester Wave Vulnerability Risk Management, Q3 2023 criterion, and to learn how Forrester Research weighted each criteria in the report. 

The Forrester Wave states, “Vulcan Cyber supports a clear and dynamic approach to risk scoring where users can influence the factors of technical severity, threat intel, or asset groups and create custom scripts for their own risk formulas. Asset ownership fields are robust and map to applications as precise as organizational reporting structure of who owns what down the chain. It makes remediation recommendations by leveraging attack path graphs, rolling up to critical infrastructure and enterprise-wide risk.” 

Vulcan Cyber has developed the industry’s first unified cyber risk management platform for all attack surfaces. It allows users to aggregate, prioritize and mitigate all types of asset and vulnerability risk from a single console, helping businesses reduce their most-meaningful cyber risk through measurable and efficient infrastructure, cloud, and application security initiatives.  

The Forrester Wave adds, “Vulcan Cyber’s differentiator is considering vulnerability’s ripple effects across modern organizations.” 

The Vulcan Cyber platform integrates with more than 100 vulnerability scanners, asset, collaboration and remediation tools to orchestrate and track the cyber risk management and remediation lifecycle by correlating and prioritizing vulnerabilities, curating and delivering the best mitigation paths, and automating tasks and processes at scale through the last mile of remediation. 

“The modern threat landscape is only growing more complex, and organizations are starting to realize that traditional, siloed vulnerability risk management approaches are inadequate,” said Yaniv Bar-Dayan, CEO and co-founder of Vulcan Cyber. “To keep pace with the scale of modern cyber threats, it’s essential that businesses prioritize and remediate based on a holistic evaluation of organizational cyber risk, rather than generic technical severity. Each organization is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach to risk mitigation won’t get the job done. Recognition as a leader in the Forrester Wave Vulnerability Risk Management validates for us our current focus and future strategy for genuine risk reduction across our customers’ cyber environments.” 

Download and read The Forrester Wave: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q3 2023 here. 


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Vulcan Cyber has developed the industry’s first cyber risk management platform, built to help businesses reduce vulnerability and asset risk through measurable and efficient attack surface security. Vulcan Cyber orchestrates and tracks the vulnerability remediation lifecycle from scan to fix by aggregating risk and asset data, prioritizing vulnerabilities using business context, curating and delivering the best remedies, and automating mitigation processes through the last mile of remediation. Vulcan Cyber is proud to offer Vulcan Free, VulnRX and MITRE Mapper as freemium SaaS solutions for IT security teams at businesses of all sizes. The unique capability of the Vulcan Cyber platform has garnered Vulcan Cyber recognition as a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor, as a 2020 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist, as a 2023 SINET16 Innovator Award winner, and as a vulnerability risk management leader in several industry analyst evaluations. 

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