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Kubernetes for beginners – a step-by-step guide

Without a Kubernetes cheat sheet, beginners can find it pretty daunting. While it offers a feature-rich, flexible, and extensible platform, the downside is that Kubernetes security can be quite challenging. Any misconfigurations in Kubernetes can potentially expose your application data and allow malicious actors to compromise its services.  While there exist several means for protecting… Continue reading Kubernetes for beginners – a step-by-step guide

Ease the Patch Management Burden with Kubernetes and Docker

Only unused applications don’t receive updates. Otherwise, there are always more bugs to resolve, new requirements to address, and the latest software to integrate. Patching is the name that’s been given to the act of improving software. For example, if a bugfix is developed, a new patch on the given application is applied; if a… Continue reading Ease the Patch Management Burden with Kubernetes and Docker

Your Guide to Patching Immutable Infrastructure Kubernetes

With the ephemeral nature of containers, you might think that patching is far less critical than it really is. But in fact, as with more traditional systems, patching both the containers and the underlying management systems is just as critical as tending to any other system.

Integrate CI Tools with VM for Risk Remediation

Continuous integration and continuous delivery and/or deployment (CI/CD) has become a staple within the modern software development landscape, and it is now extending into patch management. The importance of your environment’s security cannot be overstated, nor can the difficulty of maintaining that security. The question then becomes: What exactly is CI/CD and how can you… Continue reading Integrate CI Tools with VM for Risk Remediation

Cloud vs. On-Prem Patching: What’s the Difference?

Patching has become particularly challenging in the new cloud and hybrid-cloud environments— especially across Windows and Linux—despite the many methods and technologies for this. What are the differences between patching in Windows and Linux, and how does this all fit into the modern cloud infrastructure? Do these new environment paradigms facilitate or complicate patch management?

Docker Security Best Practices – Secure the Whales

For our day to day product deployment, we use docker containers. Whenever a new piece of code is being shipped to production, our CI/CD process creates several docker images and pushes them to our private registry – standard deployment process.