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Vulcan advisors share patch management best practices

We recently asked Vulcan Cyber advisors Brian Lozada, CISO at HBOMax, and Steve Zalewski, former deputy CISO of Levi Strauss, to provide their thoughts on some of the challenges of patch management in an evolving cyber security landscape. Some of their comments were featured in a TechTarget SearchSecurity article titled, “6 Reasons Unpatched Software Persists… Continue reading Vulcan advisors share patch management best practices

Application Security Best Practices

Learn how your own software puts you at risk, and discover Vulcan Cyber’s best practices for application security.

Promote Good Risk Management Process by Avoiding These Five Mistakes

Each data breach in the United States now costs $8.64 million, a 5% increase from 2019 to 2020. New vulnerabilities are disclosed on a daily basis, and old vulnerabilities are still being exploited months and years later. Regulators have been applying stiffer fines whenever personal data security is involved, making risk management process mistakes more… Continue reading Promote Good Risk Management Process by Avoiding These Five Mistakes

Reduce cyber risk with vulnerability remediation

A simple definition for vulnerability remediation is the process of finding the security weak spots in your digital infrastructure, then applying remedies to the most-critical issues as quickly as possible to reduce cyber risk. In practice though, vulnerability remediation is far from straightforward. Remediation to reduce cyber risk isn’t possible without the help of IT… Continue reading Reduce cyber risk with vulnerability remediation

Your Guide to Mastering Vulnerability Assessment Tools

The first part of this blog post series, The Three Stages of Enterprise Vulnerability Remediation, described the most serious challenges facing effective vulnerability remediation—complex infrastructures, distributed applications, and fragmented stacks. In order to pre-empt threats or contain their blast radius, today’s enterprises must have policies, processes, and tools in place to: analyze and assess vulnerabilities,… Continue reading Your Guide to Mastering Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Modernize Your Vulnerability Management System in 2020

Today’s IT environment is markedly different to that of the 90s. While changes to infrastructures and applications have helped us reach new highs, they’ve also brought along several challenges.

Patch Management Best Practices for Production IT Operations

On the surface, patch management sounds like a straightforward task. But patching in a production environment means making a change to potentially every device in the enterprise. Let’s take a look at some of the complex challenges of patching production environments and some ways to improve the process.

Docker Security Best Practices – Secure the Whales

For our day to day product deployment, we use docker containers. Whenever a new piece of code is being shipped to production, our CI/CD process creates several docker images and pushes them to our private registry – standard deployment process.