Your Guide to Mastering Vulnerability Assessment Tools

The first part of this blog post series, The Three Stages of Enterprise Vulnerability Remediation, described the most serious challenges facing effective vulnerability remediation—complex infrastructures, distributed applications, and fragmented stacks. In order to pre-empt threats or contain their blast radius, today’s enterprises must have policies, processes, and tools in place to: analyze and assess vulnerabilities,… Continue reading Your Guide to Mastering Vulnerability Assessment Tools

The Importance of Cyber Security Skills

In a previous blog on challenges in today’s security environment, we discussed the shortage of cybersecurity personnel – in the US alone, 3.5 million positions are expected to be unfilled by 2021. According to the Global Information Security Workforce, the main reason for this gap is not a lack of candidates per se; it’s a… Continue reading The Importance of Cyber Security Skills

A History of the Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

The number of known vulnerabilities has exploded in recent years. With enterprises using more software solutions, open-source, cloud, Internet of Things, and more, it’s no wonder the increase in security flaws has skyrocketed.

Continuous Risk Assessment in Vulnerability Management

  “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” With the never-ending headlines of major breaches caused by vulnerabilities, it’s clear that vulnerability management isn’t easy. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average total cost of a breach in 2018 ranged from between  2-7 million dollars, depending on the number of compromised records.