Cyber security risk – no silver bullet

Cyber security is always evolving. Developers are constantly coming out with new applications and updating old ones. The goal is to improve their customers’ lives with new ways of doing business and improvements to the tools they already have. The downside is that new products and updates to old products can introduce new and unexpected… Continue reading Cyber security risk – no silver bullet

Secure DevOps Mindset Through Continuous Development and VM

With the advent of the cloud computing movement, organizations have been shifting to managed infrastructures to offset IT costs. Yet in a complex and ever changing multi-OS environment, patching is not always so easy. Different operating systems and cloud environments as well as the potential of spanned on-premise and cloud environments further complicate the patching… Continue reading Secure DevOps Mindset Through Continuous Development and VM

Linux Patching – When Will the Suffering End?

So, it’s time to patch again. Kind of like getting your flu shots – you know it’s good for you, but nobody likes doing it. Let’s do a quick analysis of the challenges that patching poses to your environment, and some of our recommended coping mechanisms

Lower Cyber Risk with Threat and Vulnerability Management

In its 2018 “Global Risks Report,” the World Economic Forum – a prominent international policy think-tank – ranked cyber threats just below extreme weather events and natural disasters.