The Vulcan Cyber website: updates for a changing cyber risk world

Cyber risk is moving fast. And when the industry talks, we talk back. Here's the breakdown of the latest updates to the Vulcan Cyber website.

Orani Amroussi | August 24, 2022

You may have noticed something different recently about the Vulcan Cyber website. 

If change is the only constant in business, the security posture of business better hold on tight. Every new product, feature, or pivot means a new set of associated cyber risks associated with new, potentially critical, vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, exciting new technologies that open business opportunities and provide a competitive advantage, also open doors for threat actors ready to pounce. 

Attackers don’t rest, and neither can we. Cyber security practitioners work with more scanners, tools and threat intelligence sources than ever before. Always-growing volumes of risk and vulnerability data quickly become muddy, duplicated, and unintelligible. Data may be the future, but only if that data can be interpreted and put to work.

The statistics speak for themselves. 

In 2022, alone:

  • 75% of surveyed organizations have been affected by an IT vulnerability within the past year. (Gartner Pulse)
  • The cost of a breach today is a record $4.35 million per incident, an increase of 2.6% compared to 2021 (IBM Research)
  • Most cyber security organizations use at least two scanners for each of their attack surfaces, meaning a huge amount of data to make sense of. (Gartner Pulse)
  • 47% of surveyed organizations consider themselves to be average or below average at taking action on their threat intelligence data. (Gartner Pulse)

At Vulcan Cyber, we sit at the intersection of cyber risk data analysis and the actions needed to translate vulnerability intelligence into a working cyber security posture management strategy. Consolidation. Prioritization. Remediation. Reporting. For every stage, a workflow. For every type of cyber risk, a mitigating action. 

Since 2018, we’ve been championing the need to improve cyber hygiene across entire organizations, developing a tool that makes it easy for essential professionals across the SecOps spectrum to get on board with the cyber risk management effort. 

But as the cyber security landscape grows, so must we. And that’s why we’ve made small but important changes to our website to reflect our vision to help security teams more effectively drive cyber security outcomes and reduce cyber risk. 

Evolution not revolution

We’re not making wholesale changes, but we’ve made our site more approachable and consumable, and our design more intuitive. 

vulcan cyber website

Our blog is now logically categorized and organized for easy search and filtering. We’ve updated our solutions pages to focus specifically on how we help solve security posture challenges. 

vulcan cyber website

Most importantly, we’ve added pages to describe each critical step of the cyber risk management lifecycle

  1. Consolidate
  2. Correlate
  3. Enrich
  4. Prioritize
  5. Orchestrate
  6. Collaborate 
  7. Report

vulcan cyber website
We know that every one of these stages represents a different challenge to those who own cyber risk for their organization or business. The Vulcan Cyber platform is designed to drive efficiency across the full lifecycle, and now our site gives each step the attention it deserves. 

All of our changes are driven by the same mission that runs through us as an organization: to reduce the noise and focus attention on what really matters. So that instead of wondering where to start, you’re already well on your way to better cyber security posture


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