Continuous delivery demands continuous risk mitigation

Organizations depend on software to run their business and stay ahead of their competitors. The recent increase in development means more features, updated products, and greater innovation, while the dramatic shift to digital dependence has brought on massive adoption of agile development and DevOps methodologies. But as development ramps up, security teams must stay ahead of the growing attack surface. This white paper outlines the challenges of secure software development and proposes continuous remediation as a solution.

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Here’s what you’ll learn

The unique challenges of software stack vulnerabilities. Why mission-critical software contains exploitable assets open to anyone.

Why today’s risk mitigation efforts often fall short. A new development paradigm opens the door for greater innovation, but stumbling blocks still remain for security teams.

What needs to change. Organizations are acutely aware of vulnerabilities, but their processes for mitigating risk often prove inadequate in key areas.

Three steps to fix software vulnerabilities with continuous mitigation.