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Vulcan Cyber and Financial Cyber Security

All aspects of the financial services industry—from banking to securities, and from insurance to pensions—are highly regulated at multiple levels. These regulations have two primary objectives: to protect customers from fraudulent or negligent behavior, and to safeguard transactions and data.

Handling Vulnerability of Network Security

Every security manager knows that no matter how comprehensive your vulnerability management processes are, your network’s security depends on cooperation between all stakeholders involved in the processes. All too often, IT teams push back against security requests, especially if they feel they are excessive or exaggerated. As a security manager, how do you handle this… Continue reading Handling Vulnerability of Network Security

DevOps Security Tools for Enterprise DevSecOps Teams

DevOps has revolutionized the pace at which new iterations of applications are released to meet the needs of customers. By nature, security teams are focused on securing company assets and data, which others may see as a roadblock to productivity. The tension between these two groups can sometimes be palpable.

Evaluating Vulnerability Management Metrics that Matter Most

The best way to share information about the risks associated with vulnerabilities is via quantifying these risks – i.e. metrics. The question is, which metrics? In order to communicate a cohesive vulnerability narrative, in this post we’ve grouped some of the more common metrics – with the aim of helping you leverage the most useful… Continue reading Evaluating Vulnerability Management Metrics that Matter Most