Vulcan and beyond: Introducing our updated messaging

Orani Amroussi | December 08, 2021

You may have noticed some messaging changes to our website.

You might have seen that the messaging on our homepage looks a bit different, and that our platform and solution pages have been updated. That our tagline, get fix done, which has loyally represented us as the maverick challengers to the stale vulnerability management industry, has taken a back seat.

But the updated design and copy are just a small representation of a much more notable shift. Vulcan Cyber provides value to the entire cyber security function with the goal of driving cyber risk out of business. While vulnerability remediation is the ultimate step in a risk mitigation campaign, it is only one element of a comprehensive and efficient cyber risk management program for a modern enterprise.

Today, we have the opportunity to lead the conversation about cyber risk. What it means specifically for businesses, how to identify and measure it, how to collaborate and communicate around it, and how to mitigate it. And it was time for us to articulate more clearly the full extent of how we look at cyber risk and what we’re doing about it.

Cyber security is about always doing more and being steps ahead of threat actors. We don’t have the luxury to slow down or stop to admire our handiwork.

In short, cyber security is about going beyond.

Beyond scanning. Beyond prioritization. Beyond remediation. That’s why we’ve changed our site and why, going forward, we’re going to be driving home the message of owning cyber risk.

Here’s what’s different:

Remediate, when the time is right.

After talking to Vulcan Cyber customers and cyber security experts versed in the fields of IT, cloud and application security, we came to realize that they needed so much more help than just fixing vulnerabilities. That remediation was only part of a larger program that stretched across an entire organization. That remediation was only one element of a cyber risk management effort, and that cyber professionals didn’t have tools or defined processes to drive risk reduction across all cyber surfaces at scale.

Fixing is important, but it isn’t possible without a significant amount of other work. Like vulnerability assessment and prioritization, remediation sits within a wider cyber risk management process. And while we’re proud to offer unique remediation solutions to our customers, we want to help them do more, more efficiently to achieve true cyber hygiene.

So remediation has had its fix of the limelight. It’s not going anywhere any time soon, but we’re taking things up a notch.

Putting cyber risk management messaging front and center.

It’s the big elephant in the room. Cyber risk poses a real threat to business operations – proven again and again by the many damaging data breaches we see in the news. It needs to be addressed, but instead lives rent-free within organizations and is allowed to grow beyond control.

Understanding, and then elevating the conversation about that risk to the right levels, is step one in the mitigation process. But too often we find that security teams themselves don’t totally understand the true extent of their risk. Siloed tools produce false positives and duplicated results. The data is muddy. Cyber security professionals are no better at prioritizing vulnerabilities, at delegating tasks, at articulating risk to different teams, There’s no playbook. There’s no owner. Meanwhile, the risk only keeps growing.

We’re leading the charge towards better security posture by turning cyber risk management into something manageable. Our goal is to help security teams go beyond their scan data and actually reduce their risk. End-to-end. Attack surface to attack surface. Across every stage of the cyber security lifecycle.

But it’s more than that. We want to enable security pros to empower others in their organizations to become risk owners themselves. So that cyber risk management becomes a process of shared responsibility. Imagine a business where all those involved – from board level down – actually speak the language of risk. That’s what we’re shooting for.

We’re shaking things up.

We’ve updated our messaging to focus more on every element of cyber risk management. We’re still covering vulnerability management, application security, and cloud security, but now they all fall under the broader concept of going beyond cyber risk.

new messaging

At the top level, get fix done is now beyond cyber risk and own your risk. Our design now represents something a little more all-encompassing. We’ve made everything cleaner, clearer, smarter – so that everybody knows exactly what we stand for.

As the industry grows and evolves, so must we at Vulcan Cyber(R). That’s true for our messaging too. We might be switching our focus a little, but we’re still fixing machines. It’s just that the fixing now sits under the umbrella of owning our risk. And our core mission – helping our customers improve their cyber hygiene – hasn’t changed one bit.

But we have upgraded. We’ve gone beyond. We’ve taken on another layer of responsibility for cyber risk because this is what the market and our customers need.

Now it’s time for us to own it.

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